Original logo concept

This is one of the original logo’s representing the hills, plateau and trees at Bodhi Hill.

Bamboo Logo

Bamboo is used as a design element in this version to highlight the building materials and design of the Bodhi Hill community.

Hills and Valleys

The green text with black highlights enhances the image of the rolling hills that is part of the original logo design.

Bodhi Leaf

A large Bodhi Leaf is used in this simple design.

Square logo design

The square logo incorporates a more corporate look that might lend itself to logo t-shirts, etc…

Hills and Bamboo border

The logo uses the rolling hills graphic bordered on two sides with bamboo.

Hills and Dots

This logo incorporates dots as a way to depict the hills and bushes of the community site.

Long logo with subtitle

This is a longer logo design that shows the hills below the logo and subheading.  This can be used to highlight something in the community.

Faces of Bodhi Hill


Harn – Our mission has at its core, Buddhist values of compassion and community.

Board Member

The board is made up of people in the local community and others from around the world.

Board Member

Another member of the team. Our mission has evolved to something that has at its core Buddhist values of compassion and community.

Join Bodhi Hill

Please consider giving to Bodhi Hill. Help build a community and a future.

We are close to our goal and will soon complete the fundraising. See how close we are.

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Days until completion


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Total days from start

Organic Gardening at Bodhi

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Our mission is to…..


Our vision includes principles….


Including the community in the design and implementation….


Happiness index

Versatile Buidling Options

Because we are sourcing materials locally, we have many options in harvesting methods and drying in order to get the best materials included….



Bamboo is the primary building material and is locally sources.


Local workers

People in the community will work together to build and maintain the community.


Community Building

Building a sense of place,a  sense of community is important.

Be a part of something special


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