This photo is on the cover of Burma Bikes: a journey within.

It was taken in Rangoon as the morning light reached across the golden pagoda. I went there my first few days since it was only a 15 minute walk from my hotel.  I could watch the monks from the many monasteries assemble for their morning meals, walking around the temple neighborhood for their offerings.  But be careful crossing the streets in Rangoon, a harrowing experience my first time but not as bad after watching others.  But it was still pretty dangerous to cross the street, truck and busses coming within inches ad you want in the middle of the street.

This lady can be seen feeding the pigeons as she looks off into the distance and reminds me of a dream. The motion from the many birds flying and the far reaching thoughts of this women made it ideal for the cover of the book. This was in December 2011, just after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Rangoon for the first time.